– Copenhagen Business School, re-accreditation

Council Decision

The Accreditation Council decided the institutional re-accreditation of Copenhagen Business School at a meeting on 22-23 June 2016. The council decided to award CBS with a positive institutional accreditation. Read the report and the decision here.

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The report for the re-accreditation of CBS is completed and published. Read it here

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Site Visit

The Danish Accreditation Institution and the accreditation panel visited CBS on3-4 March 2016. The schedule for the site visit can be found here (pdf).

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Project Manager

Sofie Gry Laursen

Head of Communications


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Self-Evaluation: 30/11 2015

Site Visit: 3-4/3 2016

Hearing: 15/4-2/5 2016

Council Decision: 22/6 2016

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Copenhagen Business School, re-accreditation

The initial process of institutional accreditation of Copenhagen Business School was finalised in december 2014 , resulting in a conditionally positive accreditation from The Accreditation Council. The re-accreditation process will determine whether the business school to a satisfactory degree has addressed the issues raised by the initial institutional accreditation process.
You can read the full accreditation report for the initial institutional accreditation of Copenhagen Business School here.

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